ARt YoWZa Story: Women Wise Marketing Interviews Rebecca


Featured Woman In Business Rebecca Stees

Kelly Watson of Women Wise Marketing interviewed me about ARt YoWZA.

“My name is Rebecca Stees. I’m the owner and director of ARt YoWZA: Bold Creative Fun Camps, Classes And Parties for Kids and Adults.

I started my business five years ago after I was laid off from my job at a non-profit art center due to budget cuts.

I chose this field because I knew I needed to be in a creative community, making art and playing every day. It has made me very happy.

Marketing ARt YoWZA

Marketing is fun for me because it allows me to share my top values: self-expression, reflection, creative fun and innovative productivity. I also like serving my creative community.

What has worked well for me:

  • Exhibiting ARt YoWZA visual art shows, especially the one at two Starbucks locations in Alameda, CA
  • Partnering with the PTAs of local elementary schools by offering them a free event called “Family Fun Night With ARt YoWZA.” Around 200 people attend each event.
  • Hanging posters around town
  • Donating my camps and classes to auctions that benefit kids, especially school auctions. My $300 summer camp donation gets a lot of recognition.
  • Building great word-of-mouth marketing by asking clients for support, ideas and testimonials.

click here for the whole interview.


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