JumpstART Workshop Series


Live in Alameda?  Do you want local kids to make and learn about art is school?  Join us because we are going to have fun! Check back here after the workshops to see my photo tutorials.   I’m excited to be a part of this project.

Considering being an Art Docent Next Year?
Are you an Art Docent Veteran that would like to be a Mentor?

The Alameda Art Docents Collaborative warmly invites you join us for the JumpstART Workshop Series.  Our purpose is to support and mentor new art docents for the 2009-2010 School Year! Each one hour workshop includes: Step by Step How-To Projects, Introduction to Art Materials and Techniques, Demonstration of Age Appropriate Instruction. Free!  You are welcome to bring your children. For more information contact: Jenna Freck, Edison School Art Docent, jennarations (AT) att.net or Rebecca Stees, Art Yowza Director, fun (AT) artyowza.com.

JumpstART March Workshop
Date:         Monday, March 16, (7pm-8pm)
Location:     Ruby Bridges School , Multi-Purpose Room
Mentor:     Otis Art Docent Kim Brindley
Focus:      Kindergarten Lessons: • Cave Art, Oil Pastels • Family Portraits, Watercolor Wash

JumpstART April Workshop

Date:           Monday, April 20, (7pm-8pm)
Location:    Haight School, Multi-Purpose Room
Mentor:    St. Phillip Neri Art Docent JaYing Wang
Focus:    • Block Printing  • Wire and Modeling Clay Figure Sculpture  • Acrylic Painting with Gel Medium

JumpstART  May Workshop

Date:        Monday, May 18th (7pm-8pm)
Location:    Otis School, Multi-Purpose Room
Mentor:    Otis Art Docent Alana Dill
Focus:    The Color Wheel for Various Grade Levels:  • Crayon  • Chalk Pastels  • Liquid Watercolor


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