Artist-Entrepreur: Lynn Johnson of Glitter and Razz Camp


Lucky stars!  Lynn Johnson of Glitter and Razz Camp rocks!  They offer, “theater camps and birthday parties that are collaborative, dramatic, and downright magical.” I met Lynn this weekend when we were both panelists at the Mind Your Business workshop for the Teaching Artists Institute.

We both had an opportunity to share how we jumped off the cliff with big visions for love.   We empower ourselves and our creative communities by creating businesses.

I like to keep things simple: The Art Yowza mission statement, business plan and value is BOLD CREATIVE FUN!

The inspiring Glitter the Glitter and Razz mission has reach and depth ……to achieve global compassion by teaching and reinforcing the social/emotional skills of young children and inspiring the adults who love them through creative exploration.

Get this! Lynn volunteers at the Center for the Greater Good at UC Berkeley so that she can connect her mission, message and people.  The CGG mission is devoted to the scientific understanding of happy and compassionate individuals, strong social bonds, and altruistic behavior.

I’d love to connect with more like-minded people through the Art Yowza Life Skills Project. I was so happy to meet Lynn because Glitter and Razz “ strives to be a socially and environmentally responsible business that values peace, generosity, justice and equity, self-discipline, beauty and love.”

If you’d like for your kids to make their own peaceful and powerful plays, try to Glitter and Razz camp in Oakland.


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