Life Skills: Happiness and Imaginative Play


Play is an important part of the Art Yowza day.  By play, I mean pure play — unstructured, child motivated and directed.  Imaginative play  takes it’s own time to develop  where the kids are making their own games and rules.  We mix play and art work throughout the day.   When the kids come in from play, the art is enriched by the ideas and community they’ve shared.

I found this video about play through the blog Half-Full: The science of raising happy kids.


1. Play helps kids regulate their emotions and behavior

2. Imaginative play helps kids develop their social skills

3. Lack of play time in our culture is slowing the cognitive development of our children.

Click here to read more about how to encourage play at your house .



One thought on “Life Skills: Happiness and Imaginative Play

  1. This is so true!
    Someone once told me that they label all the plastic toys with bells and whistles (press here and such and such will happen) as “Narcissistic Toys” because all the attention is on the toy not on the child’s imagination.

    I think what you do is the coolest!

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