JumpstART Workshop Photo Tutorial: Cave Paintings for Grade K


Kim show Cave Paintings

Kim show Cave Paintings

Put white paint on your hand.

Alameda Art Docents, JumpstART Workshop Series
Our purpose is to create a community to joyously support volunteer art docents.  Our mission is to provide inspiration and encouragement to beginning and experienced art docents in the Alameda elementary schools. We share Art Docent information, resources and traditions.

Lesson:  Cave Painting Demonstration
Grade : K
Taught by:  Otis School Art Docent, Kim Brindley
When:  March 16, 2009 at Ruby Bridges School, Alameda, CA

Negative Space (Step One)
Positive Space (Step Two)
Splatter Painting (Step Three)
Pastel Chalk Drawing (Step Four)

• Black Paper
• Chalk Pastels
• White Paint
• Two cups for Paint
• Paintbrush or Splatter Box

Step One
Demonstrate how to draw around your hand.  Ask the children to draw around their hand or assist them if needed by drawing around their hands with pastel chalk.

Step Two
Paint a child’s hand with white paint or assist them if they can do it themselves. Ask children to make handprints.

Put white paint on your hand.

Print Hand

Print Hand

Step Three

Thin the white paint by mixing it with more water.  Demonstrate splatter painting by tapping the brush against your finger.  Or build a splatter station by laying the black paper on the bottom of a large cardboard box with tall sides and then drizzle them paint on from above.

Splatter Paint Tap

Splatter Paint Tap

Step Four

Invite the child to draw with chalk pastels.  Suggest animals, dancing, families or stars.

Draw with Chalk Pastels

Draw with Chalk Pastels


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