Art Every Day Month (Nov 11, 2009): When Pigs Fly


My school holiday camp for Veterans Cay was Called Dreams of Flying.


To celebrate Veterans Day, I told my campers about Beulah Fee, my grandmother who taught second grade for forty years.

When I was a girl, she taught me a few drawing tricks like how to draw hills with a road going into the distance.

pig 1

I had flying pigs on my mind because my friend is trying to launch a business this week. (And it might just be a big success!)

pig 3

Also, I needed some holiday art for an exhibit on Starbucks on Park St. in Alameda.

So, we added clear white glitter to the pigs and gold to the hills.

In San Francsico, we decorate with pink flamingos with scarves in our yards.

I figured pink pigs are cute too.

Peek at more Pigs Flying and their creators on artyowza flickr.


3 thoughts on “Art Every Day Month (Nov 11, 2009): When Pigs Fly

  1. I looooooooooove your flying piggies and hills off into the distance — what fun. And congrats on the Starbucks exhibit!!

    Thanks much for the visit on the Mother Henna blog for AEDM, too. You asked me about the tilted head thing I have going on in all my sketches and paintings lately. I suppose it is a bit Mona Lisa-ish. Though a friend who stopped by recently to look at the pieces in person, looked at them, looked at me, looked at them, and then said, “Kara, you know you stand with your head tilted like that alot.” 🙂 ha ha! Maybe it was just an unconscious channeling of how I view the world??? When I started the series back in spring, I saw something, maybe in Somerset mag or on Suzie Blu or something, with one of those wide eyed little girl figures with head tiled. Was thinking about that some, but not such wide head, wide eyes. Anyway, it’s gone round the bend and I can’t stop now. I even have a few that are bent so much it’s almost cubist! 🙂

    Thanks for asking…

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