Labels are like tags. We’re all just fishing for connection.


Scoutiegirl asks: Do you struggle with a need to put a label on yourself and what you do? Do you make excuses or offer explanation where none is needed?


I believe labels are a way for the other person in conversation to feel comfortable enough to continue conversation or introduce me to another more interesting conversationalist.

If my fellow conversationalist is awkward, I put my focus is on being of service.  So I ask more questions, have compassion and listen. When I’m at my best, I seek connection in my attitude and not judgment (of myself or others).  I try to imagine that like me, other people don’t want to be rejected, pigeonholed or blown off.

Sometimes people are just doing a quick scan based on their needs.  They might be seeking a lawyer or a marathon-training buddy.  If it’s not me, I might  have a connection for them and they might have a good one for me.

If I keep an open attitude and a smile, I trust that the more interesting sparkly people will come my way eventually.


• Labels are just the social lubricant of conversation.

• Being labeled doesn’t bother me the more I am at peace with myself.

• Making up labels up for myself is fun flirting.

• Give people the opportunity to share about themselves.

• Labels are like tags.  We’re all just fishing for connection.


How do you introduce yourself?  What is your gift label?  How can you be kind and generous in conversation?



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