DIY Handmade Kids Holiday Gift Club: Father’s Day Pop-Up Card


Camper Panda Blue was proud to make a pop card for her Dad for Father’s Day.  Ssshhhh!  He hasn’t seen it yet.  It’s a surprise!

This second video is a how to make a Father’s Day Pop-Up Card.  And yes, she did just run really fast around the yard beforehand.

Also, here’s the link to Part One: Supplies.  And here are some adorable Mother’s Day Pop-Up Cards that my 1st grade students created.  I think the cards are sweeter if they show a parent and child doing a favorite activity together


Hey crafty kids!  To celebrate holidays, I’m going to post one new DIY handmade kids holiday gift club project every month.  Next up– July 4!


What kind of card would your dad think is funny?



2 thoughts on “DIY Handmade Kids Holiday Gift Club: Father’s Day Pop-Up Card

  1. Hi Rebecca-thanks for stopping by my blog. You asked for some feedback on your blog and (I am a new blogger and no expert, mind you!)…I think if you could add a header or banner (I think that’ what it is called) To the top of your page. And maybe-just some color as it all seems very WHITE. I think Kelly gave us some really great free resources where we can download these things-just to make it interesting and visually appealing. this class is great, isn’t it? Learning so much already! Soraya

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