Five Funny Ways to be More Creative


electric guitar art, collage art, san francisco rock scene, girl art, women in rock

My fellow biz boost circle blogger, Jenny Alexander at  The Painted Lily is laying out a great challenge (and a gift for the winner!)
She asks how do you tap into your creative strengths and renew your creativity?


Here’s my quick answers!


1. Bend over and look at things upside down

2. Lace up your shoelaces in a new pattern. Put on your shoes on before your get dressed. Try your left shoe on your right foot for a second to see what it feels like.

3. Talk to strangers. Listen to stories. Ask for help. Linger. Do it again.

4. Eat a yellow vegetable. Eat a new food at a new place. Eat dessert first with a spork.

5. Sing all the Christmas Songs known. Give a Christmas gift in July. Take a photos of yourself with a paper Santa beard.


You can go here to enter her contest!

Can you think of 5 more ways to be creative?


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