Better Business Blogging Circle


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Cheerio Bloggers,

Welcome to Blog Circle, Week Three!


This blog circle is simple.

1.  Have fun connecting with other small business owners.
2.  Stay motivated to develop storytelling
3.  Enjoy being of service.


Need some blogging post ideas? Here are some good places to get story prompts….

1. Scoutiegirl‘s We Scout Wednesdays

2. Tara Gentile’s 52 weeks of Blogging Your Passion


I see this as being fun, supportive, easy.
There are no rules or requirements.
If you feel spammed then you have the option not to approve a comment


Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Leave your blog title and link  in the comments section below— You can also add more info, requests, inquires , etc.  (anything you want, need, reflect, etc)
2. During the week, go around and look at each others posts. Consider commenting, tweeting  or facebooking them  (your choice)
3. Next week on Sunday, come back here to this blog for round four.



PS–  If you want to join the circle add your contact information here. And then add your link in the comments below.


Yippee!  Ripe Juicy Stories!  Read all about them below!



8 thoughts on “Better Business Blogging Circle

  1. hello friends! i guess i am still figuring out how we are doing this. we all post here every week, then we go check out each others blogs after they post here? i have appreciated all the awesome comments i have been getting lately from all of these familiar faces.

    this week i have a guest post on scoutie girl! you should all go check it out.

    also, i just recently put up my website this week. i am super excited because i designed it myself. my blog is still at

  2. Okay. I actually posted my this week’s post – before the weekend. I’ve been working on cultivating a program to present onsite to various art schools i lecture at and online to the artists seeking how to create their dreams into reality. I’ve been creating it over the past five years. It’s inspired by my own journey to build a creative life as an artist and creative entrepreneur. That journey brought me to some dark moments and led me to some unexpected realizations that so saved my life and supported grounding a life into the everyday. I truly desire to help other artist’s that might be suffering the starving artist syndrome – not realizing that’s part of the journey not the journey itself.

    If you have the time, I’d love to know what you struggle with as a creative person as you create the life you envision – both professionally, personally and creatively. Thank you in advance for taking time and leaving your comment! I’ve so enjoyed visiting everyone’s blogs and the insight + inspiration is awesome!

    If you feel you have something to offer or want to get involved in some way I’d love to hear from you!
    Post is called The MUSE’S TOOLBOX ::

    I’ve also created an unconventional post today in response to an comment I received on one of my pages. Some one asked me HOW they get unstuck. They expressed frustration in being stuck though being exposed to various inspirations in the art online community. I decided to post my response, which is a long as a regular post, directly under neath the comment. I thought it should stay w/the original context. You can find it here
    please feel free to leave you thoughts!

    • okay I decided to delete the second response from my page and formulate it into a post on the main blog. So if you click on the link it’s not going to take you anywhere. JUST an FYI 😉

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