Better Business Blogging Circle


Happy Summer!

Thanks for checking into the circle!


This blog circle is simple.

1.  Have fun connecting with other small business owners.
2.  Stay motivated to develop storytelling
3.  Enjoy being of service.


Need some blogging post ideas? Here are some good places to get story prompts….

1. Scoutiegirl‘s We Scout Wednesdays

2. Tara Gentile’s 52 weeks of Blogging Your Passion


I see this as being fun, supportive, easy.
There are no rules or requirements.
If you feel spammed then you have the option not to approve a comment


Easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Leave your blog title and link  in the comments section below— You can also add more info, requests, inquires , etc.  (anything you want, need, reflect, etc)
2. During the week, go around and look at each others posts. Consider commenting, tweeting  or facebooking them  (your choice)
3. Next week , come back here for another round.



PS–  If you want to join the circle add your contact information here. And then add your link in the comments below.


Yippee!  Ripe Juicy Stories!  Read all about them below!


9 thoughts on “Better Business Blogging Circle

  1. I am right there with you with the sinus infection – bleh, indeed! It’s been almost three weeks and I’m still fighting it. Talk about stubborn! 😛

    While I was under the weather, I did what I could to keep content going on my blog. Some silly, some serious, and even a little enthusiasm!

    Because I’m a trivia fan:

    And because I had to clean up my blogroll:

    I got to see my handmade paper in use!

    And I found motivation 🙂

    I look forward to everyone’s latest!


  2. I was on vacation in June (yay for scheduling posts with WordPress!) and blogged about my trip when I returned.

    I also wrote a big post about “Top 20 Apps to Turn Your iPad into a Portable Creative Studio”

    In June I displayed a lot of my iPhone photography on my blog and there are two new pieces of desktop art.
    Cherry Orchard Desktop Wallpaper:
    Cute Cat Icons:

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