Cartooning Fun Birthday Party


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This Saturday, Art Yowza hosted two children’s birthday parties.

One of the birthday girls loves to draw so she picked Cartooning Fun as the theme of her party.  This is one of the cartoons that was drawn in the afternoon.  The kids really enjoyed making these cartoon books and reading them to each other.  Her parents told me that it was the best birthday party she has had yet!


7 thoughts on “Cartooning Fun Birthday Party

  1. that WOULD be a great party! My daughter would love a theme like that. (thanks for the idea!). I also love the use of the colored circle stickers–a good creative prompt for the kids.

    • Thanks AG!

      I used an 1.5 inch circle punch to make the circles.
      I love stickers also. The trick is to have a big enough circle for the faces to have detailed expressions.

    • Thanks for the link Patsy.
      I’m a big fan of art journals and used to make a lot of zines.
      Participating in projects that are bigger than one self (myself) is very inspiring.
      I tend to create art for deadlines or shows.

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