Fruit People vs. Paper Inventions


Voting by Children, Inventions vs. Cartooning, Constuction vs. Drawing, Art Class

Another rainy day invention was the power of voting.  Over Spring Break, we started voting on one question a day that would be powerfully interesting enough for us to all want to cast ballots.  The voting procedure was organized by the campers.  (The five and six year olds were surprised to learn that grown-up Americans vote for the President in “secret”).  Most were very pleased to have their opinion matter so much.  We voted on how strict is Rebecca  (during rainy days — she doesn’t let you just stand out in the rain)  and how fun is this camp.

Our vote last Friday was on the question which did you like better the fruit people cartoon project or the one page paper toy inventions?  Here was the results from our  super tabulating 4th grader and a few reviews also.  Interestingly, “freedom to do whatever you want” was most popular aspect of both projects.

The results are in!

Fruit People



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