Get Inspired Project


Um, like, you know…… I stumbled over my tongue in this 15 minute interview!

The image editor surprised me by picking out the above pic to illustrate my story……

it’s a collaboration between me and two of my after-school students called Flower Power.

Tough questions! I was asked:

1. how do I inspire others?

2. how do I encourage the potential in others?

3. how am I inspired myself ?

4. how do I explore my own potential?

The Get Inspired Project is groovy fun. It’s a treasure trove of wisdom.

Thank you Toni Reece for the laughs!

After-School Class: Caring for Dogs: Art for the Alameda Animal Shelter


These adopted puppies were created in my after-school classes at Franklin and Edison Schools .

We feel the Alameda Animal Shelter needs more cute art about adoption stories!

I’m going to laminate them this week so that I can hang the show soon..


See more puppy and owner artwork here and here

Froggy Love


Empty bulletin boards are too tempting!  I’ve been teaching after-school at Franklin School in Alameda, CA for the last few weeks.  I saw a free  spot and took my opportunity.  A week later the principal came in  (and we all gulped) to tell us……………………our froggies made her happy!

Art Yowza After-School Class: Super Silly Sculptures: Paper Houses


House Group

I love to teach Super Silly Sculptures.  In fact, I’m putting together an e-book about it!  It contains 6 projects that take less than an hour to create.  These projects are perfect for children Grades K-3.

This is a one hour house project created after-school at Bay Farm School.

Check here to see  a close up view of the slides, steps and pools!

Leave me a comment if you’d like the tutorial.

A-Z Photo Tutorial: A=Action Figures


action figures

Action Figures!  This is one of my favorite projects this year.

I volunteered to make this project  with Mrs. Stanley’s Bay Farm 1st grade class this year.   She is a top notch teacher!  It appears that her kids get the best.  She loves to travel and supports her class in developing  International pen pals around the globe.   I met her last spring when I teaching  my after-school class, Super Silly Sculptures at Bay Farm Schooll, through the Alameda Education Foundation.

Click here to see my step by step photo instructions.