Learn to Draw Intuitively in Three Easy Lessons


I like playing with drawing programs on the internet.
I made this drawing (without a mouse) on my laptop laying on the sofa


Wonder how I create this drawing? Go here and look on the bottom left hand corner and push the button REPLAY DRAWING.


It’s possible to learn a lot about drawing from this site. Replaying the drawings of other artists in the gallery shows me how they built up textures, shadows and dimensionality.  It’s a fun glimpse in the minds and creative process of other artists.


Here are three replay drawings that taught me some new techniques:

Headless Horseman

Sea Plane

Blue Ear


I’m really inspired by my friend Connie! Her witty videos have replay of her genius paintings! She’s been painting big and intuitively. This summer she’s offering an online e-course called Big: A Fearless Painting Adventure. I’ve taken her Art Journal Love Letters e-course and it was great.   I really enjoy learning from her.


I’m wondering what my drawing above, the Time Bandit wants to say to me?

Have you ever made an intuitive  paintings  or drawing?

Have you ever illustrated one of your dreams?