Flower Power: A great Mother’s Day Gift made by children


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This week Art Yowza co-hosted a PTA Family Fun Night at a local school to honor Earth Day.

Families enjoyed making art together.

We made extra ones to  donate to a local nursing home.

This could also be  a fun and easy Mother’s Day Gift Craft Project for Elementary Age Students.

Here are the instructions.

Spelling out the cute factor….

Fun was had by all ages…….


Summer Camp: Young Designers Trunk Show


Last year, my campers suggested I create a new camp theme called Shopping Mall which became this year’s camp called Young Designers.

This summer, we went from playing by a tree trunk to participating in a trunk show at Daisy’s Mercantile on Park Street in Alameda on Saturday, August 28.  Thanks Barbara Mooney for letting us learn from you!

We raised $52 to benefit the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter.

Through our design, we were able to learn about entrepreneurship, community service and retailing.

Blue & Orange: Spiderman, Scubagirl, Saint


This year, I’ve had a passion for developing  the Alameda Art Docents.
We put on monthly workshops to help build the joy and confidence of volunteer art teachers.
Our April workshop was about how to draw the human figure for 3rd graders.

It was team taught. One person dressed up and posed and the other taught.


Yippee!   I’m currently interviewing interns and I hope we can collaborate on some projects that illustrate making arts learning visible.

Can you see line, shape, contrast or complementary colors in these images?


Today, would you rather be a fly on the wall or a scuba diver seeking giant squid?

A little bit of Wisdom


I am happy today to be included in Courageous Kate Swoboda’s short movie about Wisdom.

She asks, “How would your life take flight if you fully embraced your wisdom?’

My contribution is the fruit punch image in the middle that says, Surprise Inside! Open it Up. (2:23)

Also , I’m deeply into day three of Kate’s Across Mediums e-course: a radical experiment in creativity. Everyday for the next two weeks, I’ll set a 20 minute timer and make a little art.

Today I made this EXPAND image above to honor my Aunt Karen’s passing yesterday afternoon.

PTA Family Fun Night: Let’s Build a Green City


Art Yowza.org and the Franklin School PTA are passionately planning Let’s Build a Green City!  Family Fun Night at Franklin School in Alameda.

We’re celebrating Earth Week!  During  this unique event, parents and kids  will create together.

Participants will  bring a wide variety of recyclable materials (cardboard boxes,paper, fabric, foam, toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, corks, wood, popsicle sticks, crepe paper) and the event planners will supply the tape.  We will use our creativity and these materials to build a green city.

Afterward, we’ll take pictures to display and for the Franklin School yearbook and families will take their creations home.

See photos of Let’s Build a Green City 2009!

Alameda Will Rock Google Fiber


Yippee! Creative on a deadline! Here’s a Push for Alameda: We Want Google Fiber!!!

Alameda has a historic opportunity to be considered  for the Google Fiber Pilot Project and we have competition!

Do you want Internet 100x faster than it’s usual speed?  Imagine the innovation, business and pleasure it could bring!

Please nominate Alameda before Friday, March 26!  It’s easy, click here! http://wirealameda.org/

For more information on how to raise our chances go to http://wirealameda.org/ and use all the tools on the site to tell your friends.

Thank you Chris Sullivan for your iMovie tutoring!