More Play! Creativity for Kids


I just played on some more!  It’s easy and your kids will love to play here too!

A little funny creature named, Nothing.

Here’s a summer storm!

What would happen if Mr. Nothing got caught in the rain?


Five Funny Ways to be More Creative


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My fellow biz boost circle blogger, Jenny Alexander at  The Painted Lily is laying out a great challenge (and a gift for the winner!)
She asks how do you tap into your creative strengths and renew your creativity?


Here’s my quick answers!


1. Bend over and look at things upside down

2. Lace up your shoelaces in a new pattern. Put on your shoes on before your get dressed. Try your left shoe on your right foot for a second to see what it feels like.

3. Talk to strangers. Listen to stories. Ask for help. Linger. Do it again.

4. Eat a yellow vegetable. Eat a new food at a new place. Eat dessert first with a spork.

5. Sing all the Christmas Songs known. Give a Christmas gift in July. Take a photos of yourself with a paper Santa beard.


You can go here to enter her contest!

Can you think of 5 more ways to be creative?

Get Inspired Project


Um, like, you know…… I stumbled over my tongue in this 15 minute interview!

The image editor surprised me by picking out the above pic to illustrate my story……

it’s a collaboration between me and two of my after-school students called Flower Power.

Tough questions! I was asked:

1. how do I inspire others?

2. how do I encourage the potential in others?

3. how am I inspired myself ?

4. how do I explore my own potential?

The Get Inspired Project is groovy fun. It’s a treasure trove of wisdom.

Thank you Toni Reece for the laughs!

Alameda Will Rock Google Fiber


Yippee! Creative on a deadline! Here’s a Push for Alameda: We Want Google Fiber!!!

Alameda has a historic opportunity to be considered  for the Google Fiber Pilot Project and we have competition!

Do you want Internet 100x faster than it’s usual speed?  Imagine the innovation, business and pleasure it could bring!

Please nominate Alameda before Friday, March 26!  It’s easy, click here!

For more information on how to raise our chances go to and use all the tools on the site to tell your friends.

Thank you Chris Sullivan for your iMovie tutoring!

Art Every Day Month (Nov 7): Drawing Challenge


Most days, the way I’m creative is being the art director of my camps and classes.

After we are all cleaned up and it’s almost ready to go home, the kids love to play a game I invented called the Drawing Contest.

Everyone gets  a black pen and a big piece of paper.

I tell them…

1. It’s fun!

2. You’ll be surprised!

3. You have to listen and draw what I say.  After a couple of minutes, I’ll give you the next suggestion.

Ready to play?

Here’s an example:


First, draw  a rocket in the middle of the page

Make sure your rocket has three windows.

Attached to the rocket by a rope is an astronaut

The astronaut is holding hands with a monkey

With the other hand the astronaut is holding a three scoop ice cream cone


On the ground is a jumpy house with three girls inside

On top of the jumpy house is King Kong

A bird eating a snake is sitting on King Kong’s shoulder

Also on the ground draw a rectangle

Inside the rectangle make two mountains  joined by a bridge

A man is bungee jumping off the bridge

Put two different fruits on the mountaintops

Actually, the rectangle is a fishtank!  Add two sharks and a turtle


In the air somewhere, draw three hearts that fit inside each other

Make the heart fly by adding wings

Put high heeled shoes on the flying heart

Finally, add three things to your picture to surprise me and see if I can figure it out!

Thanks Dirty Footprints Studio for writing a fun post about Scrappers.

….. it made me look in my scrap bin and remember to share the Art Yowza Drawing Contest

Volunteer Projects: Action Figures! Fun Storytelling through Sculpture


I am teaching a fun class for adults!

We’ll make a sculpture in less than one hour that you can take home and teach to others.

I’d love to see you there!

Action Figures! Fun Storytelling through Sculpture

Let’s have some bold creative fun making fast and elegant action figure sculptures. This hands-on workshop is perfect for dance/ movement, theatre, and music teaching artists as well as visual arts specialists. Learn to adapt action figure sculptures to your classroom needs, lesson plans and making arts learning visible. You’ll take home a nifty sculpture, new tricks and a head full of ideas.

What: Teaching Artists Workshop to benefit Teaching Artists Organized

When: Monday, October 12, 2009, 6 to 8 pm

Where: MoCHA, 538 Ninth Street, Oakland.

Cost: Cost: $12 (suggested donation) pay at the door, cash only please  – all proceeds go to TAO

To Register: RSVP to tao  Put “Sign Up for Classes” in the subject line