Art Yowza has a new logo


Art Yowza

Madeleine Budnick, my designer is a genius.

I am so happy with the new Art Yowza logo!

It looks bold creative fun to me.

Our idea exchange has been whimsical, interesting and conversational and I think it’s shows.



Getting Started with Skype Interviews


First thing this morning, Jaimie Harris, my assistant helped me set up this interview.

It’s important to work with people who can make you laugh and have complimentary skills.

We were in two different rooms in my house and we got a case of the silliness.

Now she is working on my 1099’s for tax season.


So, here is to celebrating a little bit of progress!

1. Figuring out Call Recorder: an add-on for Skype to automatically transform my video calls into movies.

2. Doing my first interview

3. Loading it on

4. Blogging about it!


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”
–Walt Disney


Summer Camp: Young Designers Trunk Show


Last year, my campers suggested I create a new camp theme called Shopping Mall which became this year’s camp called Young Designers.

This summer, we went from playing by a tree trunk to participating in a trunk show at Daisy’s Mercantile on Park Street in Alameda on Saturday, August 28.  Thanks Barbara Mooney for letting us learn from you!

We raised $52 to benefit the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter.

Through our design, we were able to learn about entrepreneurship, community service and retailing.

Better Business Blogging Circle: Delicious Ripe Stories


ripe fruit, open fruit, exotic fruits, split open fruits, fruit salad, papaya

Howdy Bloggers,

My interest in starting this blog circle is simple.

1. I have fun connecting with other small business owners.
2. I want to stay motivated to develop my storytelling
3. I enjoy being of service.


Thanks for taking the surveys on my blog.

It seems we have no clear majority win for the name.
So, perhaps we can just keep it as blog circle……….


The other survey was winging it vs. structure.

We probably all have a “story library list”  we could work on….
And Scoutiegirl‘s We Scout Wednesdays or Tara Gentile’s 52 weeks of Blogging Your Passion are good place to get story prompts

So, that is some freedom in a structure….


I see this as being fun, supportive, easy.
There are no rules or requirements.
If you feel spammed then you have the option not to approve a comment

*** My blog is rated PG…… because I have kids as clients … if you out the tooth fairy or talk too explicitly about the “birds and the bees” …… i might have to hold your comment . LOL ***
Otherwise— I can’t wait to see how much we grow and mature as storytellers.


Let’s try this for a couple of weeks and then we can figure out what works


Easy as 1,2,3!
1. Leave your blog title and link  in the comments section below— You can also add more info, requests, inquires , etc.  (anything you want, need, reflect, etc)
2. During the week, go around and look at each others posts. Consider commenting, tweeting  or facebooking them  (your choice)
3. Next week on Sunday, come back here to this blog for round two.



PS–  If you want to join the circle add your contact information here.

Yippee!  Ripe Juicy Stories!  Read all about them below!

Redefining my Dream Job


dream big, dream job, redefine yourself, growth, change, 7  year itch, branding


I’ve been playing with changing my biz about statement. What do you think?

Let’s test drive the zippy new one:

Art Yowza is a magical place that empowers the imagination. Using your heart
and hands, you will gain new creative skills. The humorous, kind and challenging
environment encourages unique self-expression and artistic accomplishments.
Every learner blossoms in the beautiful garden of fun and friendship. We value
high quality thinking, art and innovation.

This is the old classic……

Art Yowza offers an exciting visual arts program that supports the development of new creative skills.  We empower kids and adults to think and use their imaginations.  The nurturing environment encourages unique self-expression and self-esteem.  The small class size, individualized attention, stimulating environment and beautiful setting make it possible for every learner to blossom.  We value high quality art, friendship and fun.


Have you ever felt it was time to update your image and struggled to redefine yourself?