Mother’s Day Gift: Spring Chickens


singing chicken, spring collage, spring chickens, elementary school collage

During Spring Break 2011, our chickens started singing.

The chicken collages are a sweet welcome to spring!

Cluck. cluck.  here’s a funny video 

Tutorial here.


Flower Power: A great Mother’s Day Gift made by children


earth day craft, gift for mother's day, kid's gift for mom, mother's day craft for elementary age students

This week Art Yowza co-hosted a PTA Family Fun Night at a local school to honor Earth Day.

Families enjoyed making art together.

We made extra ones to  donate to a local nursing home.

This could also be  a fun and easy Mother’s Day Gift Craft Project for Elementary Age Students.

Here are the instructions.

Spelling out the cute factor….

Fun was had by all ages…….

Kids make animations easily



young animator,


Blue Lizard, age six would love to share his first animation with you….

He told me this next animation was very musical….

It’s a very intuitive interface, go give a try!  We’ve had a lot of fun with it.


Foil Action Figures= Green Art


I’m so excited to share this project with Crafty Crow readers during Green Art Month in April.

Kids will love this project so much that they’ll returning often to rummage through your recycling can.

Check out my step by step Foil Action Figure Slideshow to get started.

This is how my  after-school class expanded the project: 1)  dressing their sports figures  2)  stapling them onto cardboard and 3) decorating the scene.

I edited these pictures and made the slideshow with