Foil Action Figures= Green Art


I’m so excited to share this project with Crafty Crow readers during Green Art Month in April.

Kids will love this project so much that they’ll returning often to rummage through your recycling can.

Check out my step by step Foil Action Figure Slideshow to get started.

This is how my  after-school class expanded the project: 1)  dressing their sports figures  2)  stapling them onto cardboard and 3) decorating the scene.

I edited these pictures and made the slideshow with


Art Every Day Month (Nov 7): Drawing Challenge


Most days, the way I’m creative is being the art director of my camps and classes.

After we are all cleaned up and it’s almost ready to go home, the kids love to play a game I invented called the Drawing Contest.

Everyone gets  a black pen and a big piece of paper.

I tell them…

1. It’s fun!

2. You’ll be surprised!

3. You have to listen and draw what I say.  After a couple of minutes, I’ll give you the next suggestion.

Ready to play?

Here’s an example:


First, draw  a rocket in the middle of the page

Make sure your rocket has three windows.

Attached to the rocket by a rope is an astronaut

The astronaut is holding hands with a monkey

With the other hand the astronaut is holding a three scoop ice cream cone


On the ground is a jumpy house with three girls inside

On top of the jumpy house is King Kong

A bird eating a snake is sitting on King Kong’s shoulder

Also on the ground draw a rectangle

Inside the rectangle make two mountains  joined by a bridge

A man is bungee jumping off the bridge

Put two different fruits on the mountaintops

Actually, the rectangle is a fishtank!  Add two sharks and a turtle


In the air somewhere, draw three hearts that fit inside each other

Make the heart fly by adding wings

Put high heeled shoes on the flying heart

Finally, add three things to your picture to surprise me and see if I can figure it out!

Thanks Dirty Footprints Studio for writing a fun post about Scrappers.

….. it made me look in my scrap bin and remember to share the Art Yowza Drawing Contest

A-Z Photo Tutorial: A=Action Figures


action figures

Action Figures!  This is one of my favorite projects this year.

I volunteered to make this project  with Mrs. Stanley’s Bay Farm 1st grade class this year.   She is a top notch teacher!  It appears that her kids get the best.  She loves to travel and supports her class in developing  International pen pals around the globe.   I met her last spring when I teaching  my after-school class, Super Silly Sculptures at Bay Farm Schooll, through the Alameda Education Foundation.

Click here to see my step by step photo instructions.