Summer Camp: Young Designers Trunk Show


Last year, my campers suggested I create a new camp theme called Shopping Mall which became this year’s camp called Young Designers.

This summer, we went from playing by a tree trunk to participating in a trunk show at Daisy’s Mercantile on Park Street in Alameda on Saturday, August 28.  Thanks Barbara Mooney for letting us learn from you!

We raised $52 to benefit the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter.

Through our design, we were able to learn about entrepreneurship, community service and retailing.


Creative Careers: Creative Biz Wow


I started a new tumblr blog a few weeks ago to keep track of my fun research about new creative businesses.

Online-Classes! E-books!  It’s such a surprise to me that so many adults are looking for a creative expression outlet.

Tumblr is cool!

My fun current projects