Summer Camp: Young Designers Trunk Show


Last year, my campers suggested I create a new camp theme called Shopping Mall which became this year’s camp called Young Designers.

This summer, we went from playing by a tree trunk to participating in a trunk show at Daisy’s Mercantile on Park Street in Alameda on Saturday, August 28.  Thanks Barbara Mooney for letting us learn from you!

We raised $52 to benefit the Friends of the Alameda Animal Shelter.

Through our design, we were able to learn about entrepreneurship, community service and retailing.


Art Tricks Summer Camp Show: Super Graphic Personalities


super graphic, checkboard pattern, personality portraits, graffiti

I’m hanging this Super Graphic Heads show at Starbucks on Park St (Alameda, CA) this afternoon.  We created them in Art Tricks Camp.  It’s funny how we used the same materials and yet each one has an original personality.


If these two characters were cartoons what would they say to each other? Leave your mini-dialogue below.