Learning skills at Art Yowza



Did you know that teaching creative confidence is our mission at Art Yowza?

Throughout the summer, we’ll be learning skills that will help children thrive.

We’re becoming creative leaders and bringing our  ideas to life!


Art Skills

Craft, Vision, Self-Expression, Engagement, Observation, Reflection and Art & Design World


Life Skills

Friendship, Empathy, Intuition, Integrity, Responsiveness, Sense of Humor, Positive Attitude


21st Century Skills

Ideation, Experimentation, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Innovation, Communication and Collaboration


Entrepreneurial Skills

Leadership, Commercial Awareness, Marketing & Sales, People Skills, Discipline, Passion and Meaningfulness


Self-esteem creates natural highs



Here’s my new mission for my blog.

Of course, I want it to be fun, personal, upbeat, snappy yet profound. I’m still playing around with it.

Do you think I captured it here?


I celebrate art, fun and friendship in photos, videos and stories. It’s all about growing creative confidence. Join me in designing a meaningful life.  Let’s do the world some good and put some can-do into action!


“Let’s put a dent in the world.” is one of my favorite Steve Jobs quotes.  It’s playful, full of energy and impact. When I looked up more quotes on “make a difference”,  I found this powerful  beauty……


“Knowing that you’re lovable helps you to love more. Knowing that you’re important helps you to make a difference to others. Knowing that you are capable empowers you to create more. Knowing that you’re valuable and that you have a special place in the universe is a serene joy in itself.”  – Louise Hart


Oh yes!  I wish this for myself and for all my campers, parents, community and the world!

Let’s make this deep caring, love and magic felt!


Registration for School Holiday Camps and After-School Classes


Enrollment starts

September 15th for School Holiday Camps 


October 1st for After-School Classes.

Returning clients will  notice that we’ve improved our online registration.


It’ll be easy for you to:

• change your contact info or add special instructions.

• view your past camps, classes and parties (for your taxes)

• view the future reservations  (in case you forgot to put it on your calendar)

• sign medical, parent pick-up and photo release forms online  (to save you time the morning)

• see real-time availability of camps (or get your name in early on the waitlist)

• sign up siblings from one family account (with a place to put the special interests and needs of each child)


Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Fruit People vs. Paper Inventions


Voting by Children, Inventions vs. Cartooning, Constuction vs. Drawing, Art Class

Another rainy day invention was the power of voting.  Over Spring Break, we started voting on one question a day that would be powerfully interesting enough for us to all want to cast ballots.  The voting procedure was organized by the campers.  (The five and six year olds were surprised to learn that grown-up Americans vote for the President in “secret”).  Most were very pleased to have their opinion matter so much.  We voted on how strict is Rebecca  (during rainy days — she doesn’t let you just stand out in the rain)  and how fun is this camp.

Our vote last Friday was on the question which did you like better the fruit people cartoon project or the one page paper toy inventions?  Here was the results from our  super tabulating 4th grader and a few reviews also.  Interestingly, “freedom to do whatever you want” was most popular aspect of both projects.

The results are in!

Fruit People


Designthinking Challenge for Children


The rainy days over Spring Break inspired some new projects!  After lunch, each camper got one piece of paper, a pen, scissors and tape and was offered the challenge to make a toy or game.  Everyone got right down to work!  Several collaborated. Good ideas sparked better ones.  To see our inventions click here.

Games to play on a rainy day


Last week’s Spring Break Camp was very rainy.  We usually spend a lot of time outside playing.  We found some ways to play together inside the clubhouse. This game was invented by the kids.  It was cooperative and mixed together wildness and quiet, observing and silliness,  rules and freedom.