Wish: Swimming in the River of Learning


Father's Day, Pop-Up Card, Swimming, Self-Care, Parents, Relationships, Learning to SwimJamie asks:  What do you wish to nourish?


I wish to nourish more learning relationships.  Summer Camp started this week and for the first time ever, I have two interns. Both women want to develop their art of teaching.  Welcome Mutsumi and Jorden!


I wish to nourish more self-care.  Since my knee injury, I’ve been exercising more in new ways.  I’ve been pool walking several times a week and I’m going to start pilates on Saturday with Sarah Goeckel.


I’m so happy that my pop-up card tutorial is featured on Crafty Crow today!  Yippee!



Wish: Recognizing You: Empowering the Magic of Gifts and Talents


awards, silly awards, full of surprises award, most spiritual award, most silly award, most eaten popcorn award

Summer Camp 2010 is 12 days away!  As a teacher, I always wish to know how to best empower my campers to find the magic of their gifts and talents.

These awards were invented by one of my campers.  He has a gift for insight, humor and recognition.  He had fun giving these awards away with kindness to his peers.  He gave me the most smelly award which I’m fairly certain in boy humor is a compliment (I also got to act like an ape which made everyone laugh)

Art Yowza was recently given an award from the Alameda Education Foundation for bringing innovation into the schools.  It was a total surprise!  I’m so lucky to live in a community where I can develop my leadership and be self-expressed.


Thanks Jaimie for asking, “What do you wish to know?”


What award would you secretly love to receive?  What recognition would  you love to give?


Dream bigger!

Wish: My Dream Customer


color energy, color moods, color personality, meaning of colors, emotional energy of colors, color art projectJamie Ridler asks, “What do you want to experience?

Tara Gentile asks, “Can you stretch your creative marketing by painting a specific picture of that ONE fantasy customer who will buy everything you offer?”


In the spirit of fun, here is my….



1. Notices I’m organizing things in threes

2. Appreciates that it’s easy to read

3. Would so much rather look at funny pictures


has pondered these three poem-quotes

1. “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

2. “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

3. “Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.”


fancies herself to be

1. pretty witty

2. chock full of smarts

3. design savvy


loves these quirky romantics

1. Maira Kalman

2. Sabrina Ward Harrison

3. Rumi


is inspired by notions of tribe, truth and non-conformity in the form of

1. Seth Godin

2. Danielle Laporte

3. Chris Guillebeau


needs immediately

1. a safe but somehow challenging retreat – party or a day at camp

2. to step up her game and imagination

3. some big laughs and good snacks


is ready to

1. make art and play

2. daydream and also accomplish projects

3. collaborate with playmates


oh, she so wants to

1. be bold- to  further joy and bigness

2. be creative- to make the world better

3. be fun and tell good stories.


My client seeks humor, beauty, meaning and purpose.

My client needs courage, character and creative structures.

My client dreams of happiness, self-expression and freedom to design her life


And then she buys my art camp for her kid.


Blue or Orange? Which color has more emotional power for you?